I came to know about Tehzeeb thru surfing and decided for an appointment after going thru her reviews.And i am so glad i did!!She is the most amazing nutrionist i have ever come across.She will bust all your myths related to food!There is no particular diet u need to follow everyweek with her she works around ur own lifestyle and food habits!!Its not just a diet plan with her its learning how to eat right.Listens carefully to all the challenges u face,questions, doubts and patiently answers everything.My visits to the doctor reduced three folds after following her diet principles.Its not just a diet with her its long term healthy living.Best nutruionist I have come across and highly recommend her!!

Kinjal R.

At my daughter's school,  we have one week each semester where we can invite friends or FAMILY members who have professional expertise in specific field. I thought I would ask Tehzeb to visit our school,  The Oberoi International, for a quick chat with 20 8 year olds about basic eating habits!  WHILE  her professional commitments are already varied and many,she was eager to take this on when I spoke to her The children loved her  session and the class teacher was so happy with the content she delivered and teaching techniques. THANK YOU Tehzeb ....Alaina super proud of you being there in her school...

Apla C.

Tehzeeb! well what do i say i think words fall short of the amount of peace and self acceptance this amazing journey of 50 days has led me towards! Thank you

Her timely mails and re-assurance whenever you felt you needed that extra tip were always right there. I have tried several methods to lose these "Pounds of Pain" quite literally this journey for me has been one of self-love and im glad i found Tehzeeb to be my mentor through it. My results began showing post day 20 but ofcourse i was more compliant than not

In every sense of the word i am no longer scared of eating pasta and carbs and have begun listening to my body more and not beating myself up incase i enjoyed chocolate (as i willingly earned it by mindfully eating healthy) I wish you a lot of success keep on motivating this amazing lifestyle change. I plan to continue achieving peace through clean eating. All my love

Sneha T.

Well after doing my bit of research on the various dietitian available in the town and trying some of them I zeroed in to Tehzeeb. Its my nature to do fair amount of research before finalizing anything.

From my concept it was perfect but then trusting someone with so much money and also your health was little doubtful in mind but i still trusted my guts and decided to go with her... Yes... as they say, your sixth sense never lie... I was right... She is perfect friend on your way to health. Tehzeeb I think you should not call yourself as dietitian but rename yourself as lifestyle consultant with expertise in food nutrition

She is good in her work, professional in her subject and have attitude which comes as a friend advising you. There are no fancy meal plans in her overall work, its just based on our old age healthy habits and commonsense, which as we all know is not so common..

Don't come to her if you want to run a sprint on your body for two months and torture it.. But trust me if marathon of fitness with life long health is your aim, do contact her without doubts

Manuhar J.

I went to Tehzeeb on the recommendation of my sister reducing weight and feeling energetic. To be frank, I did not expect much from the meeting as I had earlier been to the leading dietician/ nutritionist and could see through the gross commercialization prevalent in the industry with exorbitant rates. I was skeptical in that sense of the entire nutrition industry in general and dieticians in particular.

After my first meeting I was taken aback as Tehzeeb never asked me about my weight or how many inches did I want to reduce. Her entire focus was on what I was eating, when I was eating and how much.

She could see the pattern of my diet and suggested minor changes based on my likes and dislikes in the existing. Not any major drastic change. That was when I started getting comfortable with her program.

I was skeptical again for such a 'minor change' to have any effect on my energy levels or weight loss. But, nonetheless, I continued with the program.

To be honest, just 1 week into the program and I could see a small improvement in my energy levels and mood. The weight loss was an added bonus.

Later, I was encouraged to start workout with a professional for a limited period of time. Though I knew that I am not a consistent person, and that the workout sessions would fail to have a long term effect, I started the workout sessions with little expectations.

To say that I was astounded by the results would be an understatement. I have gradually gained back my energy which I never experienced in the last one decade of my life. I've gained confidence and clarity of mind as an added bonus.

And what more, despite not training under an instructor now, not exercising just doesn't cross my mind. Because my body and mind are so used to being fit that I myself feel going for jog or workout at home. Once you're in a different life-orbit of energy, vitality and enthusiasm, you simply don't want to go to the same old lifestyle; which made me fat, depressed and always tired.

Weight loss? Without even climbing the weight scale I have lost the right amount of weight over a period of time. Because the focus given to me by Tehzeeb was not to constantly check weight and then tailor the diet; rather the focus was to eat healthier and exercise often for a complete lifestyle overhaul.

I have scaled beyond scale as I had the right guide by my side.

And yes Tehzeeb is a very caring person, whose concern for you is more than what she offers. And this is what made me stick to the program.

With Tehzeeb you simply cannot go wrong.

Thanks a lot Tehzeeb. Thank You So Much!!!

Aditya S.

I am so super happy with the team! They have converted me into a walking n talking food guide! I have become so mindful of what i eat and in what nutritional mix which makes it  just perfect for a foodie like me. First time i have come across a nutritionist who actually asks you to eat as per your hunger and not by counting your chapattis.... I now eat well...sleep well...am a bundle of energy...i never starve...i cook better....n lastly even look better!

Thank you guys!!!

Kruti J.

TSBS is a blessing n magic wand is with Tehzeeb here... Thanks for guiding me about nutrition n healthy habits for life... Really eat fresh, healthy n nutritional has becum my lifestyle.. I enjoy temptations but limit it too with sensible eating.. Weighing scale has lost its place in my house .. I have inculcate a lot from your guidance n wil continue to do so... Cheers to ever motivating n warm Tehzeeb... Thanks a tonne!!! Enjoying my healthy habits about food, exercise, positivity n my efforts , thoughts towards my health. Stay blessed!!!

Trapti S.

Tehzeeb is one of the best things that happened to me..I mean it. I always wanted to lose weight without dieting and believe me, it's happening! I did not compromise on anything, no restriction of any sort. I eat everything from mangoes to rice--everything a normal (unaware) person thinks to be fattening.

Tehzeeb helps you in getting your basic fundamentals about food right and in eliminating myths such as eating rice at night will make you fat, eating cashews or peanuts make one fat etc. She makes sure that you're self motivated and don't lose hope. I am in my third week of the program and I've already started receiving compliments. Being with Tehzeeb, I've become so knowledgeable when it comes to food that I have become a mini-nutritionist myself (no jokes).

She is more like a friend than a strict dietician but that doesn't mean you can take her for a ride! Her daily emails and feedback keeps me on track. Who ever is reading my testimonial and is in doubt about whether or not to sign up with her, I say you should without a hint of doubt opt for her services. And I'm sure you too will end up writing a good testimonial very soon! She's one genius and unlike many dietitians who makes you go on a strict diet, here you'll learn 'to eat right'.”

Ps : Tehzeeb, God bless you

-Much Love

Anjulee A.

"Tehzeeb, you are a wonderful person with excellent knowledge on Health aspects. You have helped me to change my habits within my lifestyle (specially as a working mum of 2 gurls). After following your suggestions, I feel energetic happy and confident. Thanks so much for being around. Luv u lots. Ekktha"

Ekkta G.

Dedicated, hard-working and quirky! Tehzeeb gives health tips that actually don't require you to change your lifestyle, instead she recommends changes that actually fit to your day-to-day regime.

Rishab J.

Tehzeeb would always mock me for being all like no carbs or no fats or always would tell me to not stand on the weighing scale and be all hyper about it. She has actually helped me manage my lifestyle and made me believe its not just controlling food that makes you fit and fine but you need to eat right and not less everything in the right proportions. This not  only  makes you look beautiful but to feel beautiful from within.  She is sincere and hard working and will recommend what will be the best for you.

Shazia T.

I am one of the fortunate few who gets to pester Tehz with ample health queries without getting charged for it! So technically, I am not sure if my review counts since I haven't worked with her professionally. However, I do know for a fact that she is thorough, sincere, hard-working and absolutely knows what she's saying. It's also always entertaining when she goes off on her nutrition rants during our dinners. "Yes, have the yogurt. It will soothe your stomach lining!" Good times. Anyway, no bias but I do recommend her whole-heartedly for anyone out there who needs help getting their health status in check.

Zabeen M.