So...what do you do exactly?

A little glimpse into what we do and do not do.

Feel free to add to this list if you have some more specific insights :)


1. Urge the consumption of healthy foods

2. Encourage elimination of processed and packaged foods; things that are sold under the pretext of ‘quick,”easy,”instant’

3. Advocate exercise as a means to get healthier and fitter and plan good meals to sustain said exercise

4. Suggest nutrient supplements based on individual case history and need

5. Provide evidence based guidelines on meal intake and good lifestyle habits


1. Prescribe a ‘diet’ that demands starvation, restriction, food limitations or elimination of a particular food group such as carbohydrates or fat or solid foods altogether. P.S. We also dislike the term ‘detox’

2. Recommend or endorse a specific brand of tea, seeds, nutrient supplements or the latest health food

3. Push heat treatments, machines that claim ‘fat melting’ and sitting in hot rooms for hours hoping that it would magically have an effect on body composition

4. Promote ‘fat burning’ pills and other medications which claim to have an instant effect on body-weight

5. Support latest diet and exercise trends as propagated by popular media

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