Saying NO

Not being able to say NO to yourself is a battle between you and your mind. Not being able to say NO to someone else when you clearly don't have the desire to do said task/eat said food is an entirely different battle. I know with confidence that we would all be happier if we stayed true to ourselves and said NO more often. Sharing a quick client excerpt which exudes her very palpable happiness at being able to make this switch for herself!

"I wanted to tell you that I did not eat a McDonald’ s burger, my hubby asked me if he could bring one for me and I said ‘NO’ to him. At a later time, I was at my sister-in-law’s place and I said ‘NO’ to sweets. So I am very happy to have learnt to say ‘NO’ all thanks to you for teaching me this very, very good thing. I am very glad to have you guiding me. Once again, thank you sooooooo much."

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Are you able to say NO or are you getting force-fed and regretting it subsequently?

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