My lost (almond found) world

Another beautiful revisit and walk down memory lane.

But seriously, are you eating to be healthy? Or to be thin?

“As a child, the cant’s and dont’s were merely limited to “Don’t go there!” “Don’t touch that!” etc. Adulthood, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. The list of dont's seems endless. “Don’t eat grapes, mangoes, chickoos, custard apple, bananas as they are all FATTENING!!” :(:(. “You can’t have honey, it’s too sweet, have less sugar, count your calories, jaggery is a strict no-no.” As I said, the list may never end.

Losing weight becomes a massive hurdle when one has so many restrictions and an approach that is so centric to what one CAN’T have as opposed to what one CAN/SHOULD have. And if you’re even close to as gullible as I am, you’ll find yourself unable to enjoy a meal outside because when someone tells you fresh onions are rich in carbohydrates and must not be had at night, you’ll believe them!

I was about to give up on myself and everything and everyone around me when I got referred to Tehzeeb who turned my world upside down with her magic of extremely simple logic: Eat to be healthy, not to be thin. And so chickoo milkshake and mango milkshake which I had given up for over 6 years made a re-entry into my life and this time, without any guilt. Bananas, grapes and other fruits are also happily placed as my mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals.

I have realised the importance of certain foods like dates, jaggery etc and they are now mindfully included in my diet; a stark contrast from the way I would sneakily eat them earlier. I have also learnt to take accountability for my indulgences without whining about them for days. The Latin quote “Mens sana in corpore sano” i.e. A sound mind in a healthy body has become my motto because only a healthy body can house a sound mind. I do have a lot left to learn and I look forward to picking up the knowledge and learnings and applying them all into my everyday life. ”

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