Client epiphany

Do you love your food? Or hate it? Or does it depend on the day and the food itself? Has your relationship with your food and your meals evolved over the years? Read on to learn about an intriguing epiphany one of our clients had:

“I am having an epiphany of late. I have always treated food as either a best friend or a dreaded enemy and in both cases, I would make it vanish as quickly as possible either out of love or hate. Now, however, I am trying to train my brain to accept it with no strings attached. Now I take it as a co-passenger on the train with whom you make small talk. The talk is enjoyable but you very rarely think about the co-passenger once you are out of the train. So why still think about food once it’s over? As of now, the times when I relish my food, I savour every bite and enjoy it. Although I wonder why I never thought about all this thirty years ago!”

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