Back to basics

Re-visiting some love as we wrap up this year. I know the temptation to "start dieting" early 2021 is strong but switching up the narrative to "getting healthier and fitter" might be a better, more long-term solution. You're welcome.


"Dear Tehzeeb,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for all your suggestions and advices…….

From encouraging me to make fresh batches of ghee at home. Not only me but my husband and children – 6 year old and 1 year old are enjoying the nutrition of freshly made home ghee. My elder daughter who is a fussy eater, loves dal chawal with ghee ka tadka a lot. My husband who loved home made ghee but was reluctant to eat thinking it might to not be healthy for him and cause cholesterol issues also enjoys guilt free.

Mom and Grand Maa always told me ghee is good for bones and skin and so does Tehzeeb……..

Steel utensils…….always seen in my Mum’s kitchen and thought it was not trendy and very boring, never used the steel utensils she gifted me during my marriage…….

My Mom visited me last month and guess what…..she was surprised to see my kitchen shining with Steel utensils she had gifted me!!!!! She asked me how did this happen? I told her that plastic boxes are unhealthy and produce toxic chemical after a while, we should only use Stainless Steel for storage of grocery, water etc. also cooking utensils should be anodised aluminium……she was Zapped and asked me who influenced me…….

Thanks for educating me on the technical aspects of using steel utensils and more over for that million dollar expression and pride on my Mum’s face for using her much Valuable gifts…..

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables…..Reintroducing me to the seasonal water chestnut, bor, black jamun, fresh figs, green mangoes, ripe mangoes………settling in Mumbai and getting introduced to the gourmet food malls, my life was around kiwis, U.S. Pears, American apples, blue berries etc….. I had lost touch with the local market and their fruits/vegetables…….you got me back to the school days when dad use to get seasonal stuff for all of us and we enjoyed them with family…… children have developed the taste for local stuff and the fad of exotic is no more there……thanks for bringing me back to my basic core.."

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