Will this plan work if I have diabetes/PCOD/thyroid problems/hormonal fluctuations/infertility?

Yes, the basic eating right principles will help mitigate any lifestyle diseases you may have. However, please explicitly indicate your health and medical conditions with the relevant reports in your pre-assessment form so that we could customize our suggestions where clinically indicated.

Do you conduct virtual sessions for corporations?

Yes, write to us on info@scalebeyondscale.com with your requirements or book a call using this link

Will there be live sessions with Tehzeeb as part of the online course?

Yes, there will be 2-3 live group sessions through the duration of the program. There won’t be any personal sessions but since you are watching videos daily, in many ways, it does feel like a personal session (if anything, more than that because its daily videos as opposed to weekly calls ;))

Will I receive a meal plan?

For most instances, yes. With the one-time discovery session, you may receive a meal plan template instead of a tailor-made plan

How many kilos will I lose per minute/per day/per week/per month?

To promise you a tangible number, I would have to resort to unscrupulous practices myself (putting you in a steam room for instance and weighing you after you’ve been sweating for some time). I won’t do this and so I can’t promise a specific number. What I can promise though is that you will gain health, fitness, immunity and vitality through clean eating and making changes to your lifestyle. Weight loss on the scale may be a by-product of this

Will I lose weight?

Yes, you will mobilize adipose fat (bad fat) if that is a goal we set out for you. However, if you simultaneously gain muscle while losing fat (which would be excellent by the way), there may not be a change in the number on the weighing scale. Or the number might even increase. If this scares you and you’re only chasing numbers and not real health, then this program might not be the right fit for you