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Become the healthiest, fittest, best version of yourself in 50 days

Eat better, feel better and eventually look better using the tips and tricks in this 50-day program! 

✔ Learn how to eat mindfully.
✔ Learn how to eat to achieve optimal hormone balance.
✔ Learn how to eat for optimal blood sugar control.

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About SBS Transform

Off late, eating has gotten too complicated. We are either being really good about our meals or just downright awful. When we love our food, we overeat. When we detest our meals, we end up overeating the “wrong foods” eventually. To add to this, all of the misinformation on the internet, elaborate marketing campaigns and airbrushed influencers haven’t helped our decision-making abilities.

Despite all of the “superfoods” we eat, we have diabetes, PCOD, infertility, hormonal imbalances, temper tantrums, an underfunctioning thyroid or some combinations of these. For the love of kale, quinoa or daal rice (whichever side you’re on), let the drama around food and eating STOP HERE. If you’d like to transform your relationship with your food, your body and your mind - this is where it starts. And ends.

Course Description

This 7 week course will take you on a 50 day journey from confusion, denial, delirium to eventual epiphanies, AHA moments and ample self-love. SBS-Transform will quite literally hand-deliver a transformation (in your mind, body and heart) to your doorstep in 7 weeks!

What’s in store for you: 

  1. 50 day transformational health course
  2. 7 detailed modules with a unique theme each week 
  3. 2-3 group zoom calls with Tehzeeb
  4. Fun quizzes and surveys to keep you accountable
  5. 200+ video lessons along with written transcripts on nutrition, exercise & healthy, simple recipes
  6. Ample supplementary resources and engaging downloadable PDFs for the knowledge seeker within you
  7. 24-hour response time to all of the questions you post on the Discussion feature
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What people say about us

"I love the program and the daily recipes! I love how easy and simple it is. I am learning new things every day from listening to your videos. When I would watch the videos - it would all seem to make sense but I wouldn't ruminate on them too much. However, when I am out at a restaurant or at an event trying to make a decision - that's when the recommendations and guidelines from the videos just pop right into my head which is amazing! The program has motivated me in so many different ways. In many ways, this program is BETTER than working with you one-on-one because we covered so much more here. I would highly recommend it even to people who have done personal consults with you."

Surbhi M.


"I really enjoyed the videos, they are excellent and it is evident that you've put in a lot of hard work! Excellent course! I know that I have really benefited from it. I will use the learnings to guide my mom and let her know that she can eat mangoes :wink: I loved the clarification videos on which foods are absolute no-no's versus foods which are acceptable to be consumed sometimes. Finally I am enjoying both good food and good health. I also understand now that taste and health are not separate things. I enjoy home food so much more now and I feel a lot less guilty now when eating - which is a huge game changer for me! "

Komal A.


"I love, love, LOVE the course! I watch your videos first thing in the morning. I am really enjoying watching them. Through the day, I am thinking about all of the things I have learned and it is helping me be more mindful. The course is great for beginners and I think it should be mandatory for anyone taking a personal program with you! I love the length of the videos and the fact that every day there is something new and different to learn. I love how non patronising you are. I have become so much calmer now and I am making smarter choices with my eating. I really think that more people need to experience this program."



About Tehzeeb Lalani

Tehzeeb is based in Mumbai, India and has a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University. With a thriving Nutrition and Entrepreneurship career spanning over 7+ years, she is now dipping her toes into the public health arena. She has served 300+ clients in 5 continents and in over 10+ cities within India.

Her clients have ranged from company CEO’s, working professionals, homemakers to students and have sought her expertise for a gamut of health conditions -- autism, PCOD, blood sugar control and just plain ol’ getting healthy.

She claims that creating this course is “one of the best things (she) did with (her) time in 2019; packaged many, many years of most of (her) expertise into one program.”

When not working, speaking, writing or studying the latest health trends, she practices yoga, attempts to polish her French speaking and listening skills, partakes in simple home cooking experiments and plays hide-and-go-seek with her 2 and 4 year old nephews (accepting all suggestions for other playtime ideas).

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If you’d like 2021 to be the LAST time you ever go on a diet, this program is the perfect solution for you. This is the time to shed those bad habits for good and refocus simply with a lens of chasing the healthiest, fittest version of yourself - for the rest of your life!

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