“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't. ”

― Michael Pollan

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Welcome to Scale Beyond Scale!

I have wanted to become a ‘Dietitian’ even before I knew how to spell it (no jokes). Now, after having done this for 7+ years and counting, when I see women, men and young boys and young girls fall prey or dare I say, even actively choose fad diets and unscrupulous tactics to lose weight, it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart every. single. time.

Yes, you are what you eat but you are also SO MUCH MORE than what you weigh. If you’re looking to become the healthiest and the fittest version of yourself physically, physiologically and emotionally without detox cleanses, water fasts and whichever other latest gimmicks, then I am here to help.

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Our Programs


1 session

Think of this 60-minute session as a brain purge and a no holds barred conversation - everything you have on your mind pertaining to health (or otherwise) could be shared with me. Are you getting enough protein? Is your alcohol consumption excessive? Is that weird exotic seed giving you an allergic reaction? We will dissect your day-to-day, identify which behaviours may need to change and create a plan of action.

Discovery Plus

3 weeks

Three 60-minute sessions which give us an opportunity to watch you in action attempting the behaviour change. These sessions also give us an opportunity to course correct and shorten the learning curve for you. The goal is that you leave these sessions after having organically discovered (nutrition pun intended) what works best for you and how to execute it.

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7 weeks

This program and the 7-week timeline allows us to walk you through all of the steps with acuity: from discovery to action plan and eventual behaviour change. We will handhold you through the journey, celebrate our victories and collectively laugh at all of our minor slip-ups and transgressions.

“My visits to the doctor reduced three folds after following her diet principles.”

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14 weeks

If deep-dive was dating, then think of immersion as a live-in relationship. The degree of seriousness, commitment and accountability is higher. We get more time to work together and transition from making important behaviour shifts to even focusing on the granular behaviour changes which may need to be made.

“If fitness with life long health is your aim, do contact (Tehzeeb) without a doubt”

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SBS Transform

This is one of the best things I did with my time in 2019; packaged many, many years of most of my expertise into one program. This 7-week course will take you on a 50 day journey from confusion, denial, delirium to eventual epiphanies, AHA moments and ample self-love. SBS-Transform will quite literally hand-deliver a transformation (in your mind, body and heart) to your doorstep in 7 weeks!

“I have become so much calmer now and am making smarter choices with my eating.”

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Fake Intoxication

This write-up is a true hidden gem I re-discovered and it made me so nostalgic! Have you creatively gotten yourself out of situations that need you to overeat and/or drink when you just didn't feel up to it?

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To say that cheese tastes good would be stating the obvious. We all know that. In fact, that is precisely why most of us have the urge to steer clear of it and have it nowhere near our pizzas and sandwiches. However, what if you were to learn that cheese isn’t so bad after all? It actually has several benefits to offer. If you love cheese as much as the next person, read on for five health-related reasons to add cheese to your diet!

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So...what do you do exactly?

A little glimpse into what we do and do not do. Feel free to add to this list if you have some more specific insights.

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Binge watch your way to healthy eating

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